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Bill Dolan ... Return
A new summary and statement about the meaning and mission of A&A Christian Music needs to be written.

Introducing Bill Dolan  -  Singer & Songwriter

Bill Dolan's Long awaited third audio release is now available. Broken But Not Defeated is a fresh and moving collection of original compositions, all giving glory to God for the hope we are given, knowing that through Christ we, who are broken people, are not defeated because of what Christ has done for us.

Bill Dolan's prayer is that each song will encourage you in your walk with the Lord. He hopes that the honest and touching lirics will assistyou in entering into God's presents with graditude for what God has done for you.

His story and music is something all of us should hear. Bill has recorded three projects with his most recent being "Broken But Not Defeated", recorded at Gaither Studios. The title song and four others are written by Bill. It's available for order now. You'll enjoy each and every selection on this new release.
Broken But Not Defeated  (sc-288-12) Dolan
Family Song
Singing A Song
Broken But Not Defeated
I Thank you Lord
Your Love Lord
Mary Did You Know
He Rescued Me
The Cares Chorus
The Lord's Prayer

CD  $10.00

Sold Out

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"Remember... Jesus Loves You"

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