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Arlie Neaville ... Biography / Schedule / Article / Music / Return

Arlie Neaville has been singing for the Lord for more than 25 years. He has shared the message all across America of the Love of Jesus through music and the word. Arlie has been able to minister through his singing and writing at major music events, concerts, revivals, church's large and small as well as nursing homes. 

He has recorded seven music projects available on compact disc and cassette and wrote a book called "God Save Our Children." He has had three national charted songs including the hit single, 'Pray America' which has received much attention after the nation's tragedy of September 11th. Arlie has devoted his life to singing the gospel. He has received many and various awards. He has hosted television programs and been privileged to minister at events with some of today's great Gospel music ministries.

Arlie Neaville at the Urbana Civic CenterAfter many years, Arlie was called to encourage others who were giving their lives and talents to Jesus. He started the Gospel Opry in Mahomet, Illinois. It offered an opportunity for local talent and national ministries to reach all who would listen. His latest effort called A & A Christian Music, is dedicated to the work of gospel music in the Midwest. Arlie is available to come and be a guest of your organization and thanks everyone for their prayers for the ministry. He looks forward to hearing from you.

Hear a sample of nationally nominnated Song Of The Year, Pray America.

"Remember... Jesus Loves You"

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