He's Home!

Anthony's came home Thursday, January 30th (2014). It was 214 days of faith-filled action and the ever present love of Jesus Christ that made the journey complete.

Thank You ...

   Hello, and "Thank You" for your ongoing kind and loving support for Arlie and Judy as they moved forward on this incredible journey with their son, Anthony. They've been with him each day and night and have been focused on learning and doing all they could to step in and care for him with God's ever dependable grace and guidance.

   They've interacted lovingly and prayerfully with healthcare professionals at every level as well as office staff and housekeeping personnel. They know how powerful a witness their trial can be for the Lord and stories filter back confirming God is doing great things in this situation.

   The song written and recorded by Arlie so many years ago, "Jesus Loves You" and co-produced by his son Anthony, is now being heard in the halls and patient rooms in some of the best hospitals in the Midwest. God gave Arlie that song for this time. The message that Jesus loves you is powerful. We need only to tell others and lives will be changed.

   Please know that Arlie and Judy are thankful and appreciative of your steadfast support and will provide an further update on Anthony's journey soon. They are caring for him at home for the first time in seven months. Family is gathered around and all are overwhelmed with what God has done. Their little house in Urbana is being called the "Jesus Loves You Health And Wellness Center". I can tell you its staffed by some of the best folks you'll ever want to know.

  May God continue to bless Arlie, Judy, Anthony and all the family as only he can.

Allan Ierardi, friend and webmaster
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Jesus Loves You Song